Apelz Ice Cream Bunnies

Apelz Ice Cream Parlor Logo

Apelz is a small independent Second Life avatar creation company. Its creator,  theGenius Indigo, is a programmer, musician, 3d modeler and designer who has an obsession with rabbits and rabbit characters. He chose to make avatar creation his outlet. His initial process involved commissioning several of his favorite artists to help lay down concept work to aid in the creation of the 3D models for his first batch of Ice Cream. The initial flavors Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry were very well received on the marketplace for being quite easy to modify and customize.

The need for further customization and more flavors of ice cream inspired theGenius to create a special, never-before-seen avatar vendor with complete color customization and multiple flavor designs. As he worked on these vendors from the ground up, theGenius asked for my character designs for his new batches of flavor.

The rabbits were a success! However, due to removal of texture preview features in the latest SecondLife update, all of the custom color vendors have been temporarily placed out of order.

A review of this brand of avatar can be found within the Second Life Avatar Review Files archives.

For users of SecondLife, Apelz avatars can be purchased on the SecondLife Marketplace.


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