Author: Paupe


Not Quite Hip Brand Design

Logos to be used on t-shirt tags for the “Not Quite Hip” clothing group. Designs were originally based on the idea of a knot or weave of thread.

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Light Writing Experiment

Light writing and light painting are a couple of very old, yet very creative photography techniques. They are a combination of performance and photography, and require an understanding of light, an understanding of how...

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Convention Badges

Selection of badges created for commissioners attending conventions. This is one collection, but more will be inevitably created. Conventions are typically annual, after all.

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Geometric Sans Serif Infographic Posters

These geometric sans serif designs were created for an earlier typography class. Featuring Century Gothic, they discuss what the font family is and display the strengths of its geometry.

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Apelz Ice Cream Bunnies

Apelz is a small independent Second Life avatar creation company. Its creator,  theGenius Indigo, is a programmer, musician, 3d modeler and designer who has an obsession with rabbits and rabbit characters. He chose to...